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ATF Research and Development – Contract Research for Industry and Society.

Contract research is our upcoming the most important business field of the Agriculture. Its range of services focuses on the needs of industry as well as of society. The ATF partnered with other R&D companies develops solutions of direct practicable value to technical and organizational problems and contributes to the wide-scale implementation of new technologies.

Companies of all sizes in the industrial and service sectors benefit from contract research. ATF aim in future is to represent  an important source of innovative know-how for small and medium-sized companies that do not maintain their own R&D departments. For our customers in industry, we develop and optimize technologies, processes and products right up to the production of prototypes and small batch series. We offer contract research and innovations in all application-relevant fields of expertise.

Studies / analyses

We advise our contractual partners, prior to research cooperation, through.

  • Custom-designed studies
  • Feasibility and acceptance studies
  • Market observations
  • Trend analyses
  • Life-cycle analyses
  • Profitability calculations
  • Authorization studies and clinical test patterns
  • Examination and evaluation of chemicals
  • Innovative screening methods

Advice / support

We support our customers in introducing new organizational forms and technologies into their business. This includes.

  • Testing in demonstration centers with the most up-to-date instrumentation
  • Training of participating employees on site
  • Services during and after the introduction of new processes and products
  • usability services, e.g., evaluation of software and web applications, online services, eCommerce or eCRM and hardware; usability engineering; consulting and planning of user orientated development processes


Innovations of agricultural research

  • provide our clients with a better income and healthy diet

conserve natural resources and supports climate change adaptation.


  • Systems Transformation
  • Effective uses of land and  more nutritious crop that produce a higher yield and are also resistant to extreme environmental conditions.
  • Developing adapted technologies and farming methods that conserve soil, water and biodiversity.
  • Preserving agrobiodiversity.
  • Sharing research results in practice


In and around Alberta.


Alberta Tree Farms  does not implement activities directly.


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Note: We are proud to be ventured with Alberta Research Center recently for all our Soils and Water Data Research and Innovations.

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